CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS 10020DC Powerful 2.0 Hp Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free with Air Dryer and Aftercooler

110 Volt 60 Hertz

6.40 CFM @ 40 PSI

5.30 CFM @ 90 PSI

The CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS 10020DC Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor is designed to be one of the quietest 2.0 horse power air compressors in the industry having only 70 decibels of sound.

The powerful 2.0 HP motor operates at only 1400 RPM creating less noise, vibration and creating less wear.

The Oil-Free Dual Piston Pump System is engineered for longevity, high performance and durability.

The SP-9421 Motor/Pump is tested for a minimum pump life of 3000 hours before service. 30% more life before repair

The large 10.0 gallon steel air tank is only 91 lbs.

The Air Dyer is specially designed to remove the water vapor from the air to protect sensitive tools and machinery.

To dry the air from the air compressor an Aftercooler and Dryer are utilized.

The aftercooler is a heat exchanger for cooling the discharge air from the air compressor. The water vapor from the compressed air is condensed into liquid form and pushed into the Air Dyer.

This air compressor is ideal for anyone working inside (office, shop, store, warehouse or home) where noise is a major issue.


* Ultra Quiet – Only 70 decibels

* Oil-Free Pump – Cleaner air for better tool operation.

Less maintenance and Costs.

* Two pressure control gauges

* One 1/4″ hose connector

* Thermal Overload Protector

* 125 PSI Maximum Pressure

* Kick On Pressure 95 PSI – Kick Off Pressure 125 PSI

* 110v / 60 Hz

* Low Amp Draw – Only 14.0 Amps

* Tank fill rate from empty to full – 130 Seconds

* Recovery time from 95 PSI to 125 PSI – 40 Seconds

* L (16″) x W (23″) x H (35″)

* 91 pounds

* Air Dyer – Includes Activated Alumina desiccant with a 4000 hour life.

Activated Alumina is used in air prepurification (due to it’s high water and carbon dioxide adsorption capacity) and adsorption of sulphur compounds.

* Aftercooler (condenser)

* 1 Year Limited Warranty