Today I added a pressure gauge to the fridge compressor setup. It reads 0-500 psi and the compressor easily reaches 500 psi. This should be a good rig for bursting plastic bottles. The only bottles lying around the shop were some thin, flimsy water bottles, so I had to test with those as I only had 1/2 hour to do the video shoot. There were three attempts made to burst them. All three let go at less than 100 psi. All three let go at or near the neck of the bottle. Before filming, each bottle was filled to about 10 psi to verify no leaking. The bottle tops had a 3/8″ hole punched in them so my custom machined brass adaptor could be attached to hook them up to the compressor. An HD cam was used to fim the intro clip, with a 400W halide providing area lighting. A standard def cam was trained on the pressure gauge. The slow motion camera was placed on a tripod with a plexiglass blast shield to protect it and aimed at the water bottle. For less flickering, a 500W halogen was used to spotlight the water bottle. The slow motion clips were shot at 480 fps. I got some audio, but could have done a better job, an area I will try to improve on. I hope that you enjoyed this video. Please Like, and Subscribe for more tech videos.