In today’s review, the Warm Audio Bus Comp 2 channel bus compressor we explore what it sounds like by listening to a real life mastering of a dance track by artist Dionne Blaize. The examples included demonstrate an uncompressed signal, a 10:1 ratio and a 4:1 ratio. The latter two were mastered to the Itunes preset of -16 dbfs on a TC Electronic Clarity M. The Warm Audio Bus comp is by far the most affordable pro VCA based compressor in its class. Featuring top notch components throughout and the THAT 2180 VCA chip. You will be hard pressed to find another compressor that outperforms at this price point.

1:32 Unprocessed Audio
2:50 (10:1) Limiting Ratio with EQ
4:41 (4:1) Compression Ratio with EQ
7:31 (4:1) Compression Bridge



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