This video shows results for the CFD simulation of a variable thickness scroll compressor at rotational speeds of 1000, 2000 and 3000 rpm. This 3D CFD analysis was performed using ANSYS CFX software based on numerical grids from TwinMesh. The overall diameter is 10 cm, height 2 cm, orbiting radius 2.6 mm; air is compressed from 101 kPa to 810 kPa with suction temperature 290 K and wall temperature 300 K. Geometry and boundary conditions are taken from the papers “Variable thickness scroll compressor performance analysis – Part I and II” of Bin Peng et al. in Proc IMechE Part E: J Process Mechanical Engineering, Vol 231, Issue 4, 2017. Axial gaps are neglected, radial gaps are 10 to 15 µm. Pressure is shown by colors, velocity as white streamlines. Standard (reflective) opening boundary conditions cause strong oscillations in mass flow at inlet and outlet.

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