UPDATE: March 2019 – After only using the ARB Twin Cannister for the 2nd time since making this video, it finally died.. We are still sticking with the PowerTank CO2 system but instead of throwing the ARB in the garbage I think we’ll see how good the ARB support is/how well they stand behind their product after this 3rd failure…
Power Tank CO2 system (Package “B”):
My ARB CKMA12 Twin on-board air compressor:

After just over two years my ARB on-board air compressor is failing for the third time. In that same amount of time I have had several air-fittings and hoses fail – So I’m replacing the ARB compressor with a PowerTank 15LB Co2 system. I got “Package C” which comes with everything I need: regulator, hoses, air-guage, roll-bar clamps & mounting bracket, and also comes with a emergency tire-patch kit for those bad days on the trail.
Watch the video to see why I LOVE MY POWERTANK and why the ARB is junk in comparison.
Apologies for all of the quick-cuts and poor video quality.. It’s summer in Southern California and the temperature in the studio (aka, the garage) was approaching 100°F so I had to get in & out quickly. I had to do the whole video in 1 only or two takes and there was an issue with the lens used.